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Find Joint Venture Partners for Startups

To find joint venture partners for startups is to strongly leverage and accelerate your revenue growth. Joint venture partners can leverage the dealflow and credibility of established corporations and get your offering in front of new markets.
Here are a number of groups of places to look for joint venture partners for startups:

Established corporations

Research established corporations that are active in your target market(s). Which have offerings that are synergistic with yours, but are not directly competitive?

LinkedIn Groups

Research the LinkedIn Groups that address your sector and your target market sector(s).

Industry associations

Get to know the executives in the industry associations in your sector and in your target market sector(s). They can be a powerful asset in introductions to companies needing you as a partner.

Search engines

Do a search using keywords that lead to the type of joint venture partners that interest you. Usually this just means using your best keywords. Research the high ranking hits.

Newsletter directories

Newsletters have member lists. The right newsletter has readers focused on the solution that you provide.
Search for ….. “newsletter directories” + Keyword

Joint Venture membership sites

These are Websites whose purpose is to help companies find joint venture partners. Some sites are free. Others have membership fees. Some are on LinkedIn.


WWW.ClickBank.com  has a large listing of digital products from companies that have affiliate programs. The companies at the top of the list are the largest.
Identify a product that relates to your offering and obtain the primary URL.
Search ……link:http:www.click-bank-affiliate-main-URL.com
This will yield the links that point back to that ClickBank product thus showing potential Joint Venture Partner possibilities for you to research and contact.


These groups of places will facilitate your search for joint venture partners for startups. Thus they will help you enhance your joint venture partner strategy. Be sure to develop that strategy early on so that your work will be focused properly.

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