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List of Donation crowd funding sites in the UK

There are a number of donation crowd funding sites in the UK.

Donation crowd funding is a method of funding where the donator expects little to nothing in return for their investment. This makes the method popular with charitable organizations and aid programs. Many people are turning to donation crowd funding as an alternative to traditional charitable donating as it allows them to seek out causes specific to their own interests and donate to specific projects within that cause – making a difference where it really counts to them.

List of donation crowd funding sites in the UK

Due to its popularity there are a good number of donation crowd funding sites in the UK.  Here is a partial list.


Crowdfunders main categories cover projects in the charity, community and arts areas.

Bank to the Future

Aims to increase funds for newcomers to the financial technology market.


A great place to source financial help for any socially aware or environmentally based project or business.


Crowdbnk lenders are subject to a thorough vetting of their proposal in order to fund more financially secure projects for their investors.


A place to get donation crowd funding for new game development, those investors enthusiastic about gaming technology are more than happy to donate to exciting sounding projects here.

Just Giving

Just Giving uses only donation funding to support good causes, no hidden agenda, nothing but goodwill.


Hubbub focuses on education charitable donations and education projects, already well in use by universities and those committed to higher learning.

How to choose donation crowd funding sites

The only way to choose a platform for your project or business is to sit down and evaluate the pros and cons of each different crowd funding site. Carefully look at the different benefits and clauses to see how you can make it work for you. After you have made an informed decision get going and draft up your proposal, the unlimited world of donation crowd funding is waiting for you!









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