Proper Communication by the CEO – Tips on Facing the Crowd

A challenge that Startup, SME and new division CEOs face is proper communication by the CEO. Be memorable!  You need to communicate in the most appropriate tone when leading a team. What you speak should be easily understandable by the team members. It is your talking power that will make you successful. When giving a presentation, you need to be very clear about what you are trying to communicate with the audience. The speech should be interesting but not long enough to make the audience start snoring and checking email on their smartphones.

Putting up a commanding performance is needed from a CEO. Know your audience and their priorities. Dress well by community standards, be confident in your approach and try to speak in the correct tone. Every great business magnet, be it Lee Iacocca or Warren Buffet is a great speaker. It is communication that holds the key to success. Haven’t you noticed political leaders who have been extremely popular among the masses? They are great speakers who know how to attract crowds. Henceforth, you need to focus on your presentation skills. How you present yourself before the crowd reflects strongly on how your career will move.

Before stepping into the room, you, as a CEO, need to focus on certain issues to make the journey smoother. Firstly; understand your audience and its needs. Then:

Proper communication by the CEO matters a lot?

When hearing a presentation, the audience will expect to learn something from you. They will be expecting great information to take away with them. Henceforth, you need to be careful while preparing your speech. It should not be too brief, nor too lengthy. Try to make your speech catchy yet easy to understand.

Why should people listen to you?

Do You need to ask yourself, “Why should people be listening to my presentation? What purpose will it serve to them?” To engage the audience and make them stick to their seats, you need to frame your presentation from the perspective of the audience. You need to grab their attention, and that can only happen when you speak to their minds and address their problems while finding probable and useful solutions.

Be memorable!  For more insight please see Fast Company’s article on Seven Habits Of Memorable People  It suggests “Use The Power Of Surprise”, “Appeal To Primal Values”, “Help Others”, be a “Doer” etc.

You are a presenter, a speaker, and not a reader

When giving a presentation, you need to focus on the audience and not on some writing pads or notes. Remember, your audience doesn’t have much time to pay attention to long-winded bookish sentences. They are more interested in interactive conversation. They would love short phrases, just similar to the way we speak normally. Take a slight pause while switching from one point to another. This will allow the audience to digest your ideas and take notes.

Remember, you need to be confident enough to handle the crowd. Becoming nervous is quite common but then it is all about your performance and how confidently you handle the situation; that will determine how far you will advance in your career.


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  1. I’ve had a personal challenge learning to do this. It’s especially tough for women who are trained from a young age that it’s not exactly polite to speak up and assert yourself. Luckily, I’ve had some great mentorship – connecting with other female CEOs and business leaders can really help us girls get a leg up!

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