List of US Crowd Funding Success

While Crowd Funding Success first happened in the United Kingdom, it didn’t take long for American entrepreneurs to follow suit. Since then many new companies have launched and succeeded thanks to this new method.

Here are just four US businesses from big to small that can give thanks to the financial phenomenon that is Crowd Funding Success.

Canary Smart Home Security

It took this revolutionary security system just over a month to raise nearly 2 million dollars on Indiegogo. Crowd funding donators went crazy for this slickly designed and promoted campaign around a smart home security camera delivered straight to their smartphones. So much so, that Canary over funded nearly 2000% over their original $100,000 target.

The Dash

Bragi heard what people the world over were crying out for when they developed the first smart, wireless ear buds. A short 50 days later the campaign on Kickstarter had raised nearly 3.5 million dollars, with many backers donating in exchange for a free prototype set. However The Dash nearly became a cautionary tale about investor expectations and creator promises when the free sets still hadn’t arrived to crowd funding donators more than 2 years after the promised date.

Hyde Park Body Boutique

This Cincinnati business was repeatedly denied by banks for a loan and eventually realized their dream through the SoMoLend crowd funding platform. By using the money to re-fit the space and hire new staff, they were able to open an innovative indoor cycling space which was a hit with local gym goers proving a financial success.

Books of Wonder

This NYC childrens bookstore lost its main source of income (an instore café) and needed to make changes fast to keep the store afloat. In an effort to refurbish and update the store they began an indiegogo campaign with autographed books as incentives to crowd funding donators. In just one month they were able to raise enough money to make the necessary alterations and save the store.


Crowd funding donators can help your business no matter how big or small your requirements are. Make a great campaign, choose a fitting platform and see how far crowd funding can take you.






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