Robust Business Model

A number of well informed executives feel that for an early stage new venture having developed a robust business model is more important than spending time on writing a good business plan.

Robust Business Model

The Business Model section/slide of an investor presentation should address:

  • A robust description of the Company’s business model
  • The best presenters can sketch the relationships between the players (Company, suppliers, customers, partners, relevant others) showing how information, product, contracts, and $/Euros flow between them.


  • The presenter is prepared to describe; how the business attracts new customers, how it is differentiated from each of the key competitors, and required changes in the way the customer does his business
  • Saying “our business model is to sell differentiated product” will not impress Investors or stakeholders
  • Many startups say that they offer a truly transformational offering. This is desirable, as long as the offering provides a level of benefit that is so compelling that it overwhelms all objections to the required changes in the end user’s way of doing business.


Put serious effort into developing a Robust Business Model based on market feedback

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