Factors Impacting How to Understand a Chaotic Situation

Chaotic situations are an all to frequent occurence in new ventures such as startups and new divisions.

Factors Impacting How to Understand a Chaotic Situation

Quickly understanding and acting on a chaotic situation can be very important.  Unfortunately, for any specific situation each participant sees (and remembers) things a little differently.

So, from time to time an executive involved in a new venture will come across a situation where each participant/observer describes the important issues differently. Individual perspectives may vary based on the following Factors Impacting How to Understand a Chaotic Situation:

  • Proximity
  • Personal opinions of other participants
  • Affiliations between participants
  • Clarity of memory and/or whether they were paying attention throughout the relevant segment(s)
  • What a person has at stake relative to the outcome of the “event”
  • Many other factors

Further, diligence may reveal that several of the participants are trying to keep certain portions of his/her knowledge secret.

The above can make discovery of the approximate truth a complex and “interesting” process.

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The reader may want to search the Internet for the phrase “Truth is the shattered mirror strown In myriad bits”.  It is from The Kasidah of Haji Abdu El-Yezdi (also known as Sir Richard Francis Burton).  The Wikipedia at The Kasidah is one source.


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