How to Improve Your Communication Skills

Why must you have excellent communication skills?

A startup CEO must be able to communicate with the employees, to the customers, to the investors and to the business partners. A CEO with poor communication skills will earn less respect. If you use an intermediary to convey your message, then it may not be an effective communication.

How to improve your communication skills?

Communication is a two-way process; you need to listen and speak effectively.

  • Effective listening: it forms an integral part of communication. Most problems in communication arise due to inadequate listening. You need to pay complete attention to one’s speech, avoiding distractions.

  • Body language: Eye contact is very important during one-on-one conversation. You should also give a chance to the other person to talk freely. Observe the totality of their body language.

  • Use of words: you need to cultivate this skill for improved communication. The proper use of words can present the information in the best way, which can be very important. Negative vocabulary should be avoided when possible. Also your words must encourage the other person or persons to talk openly.

  • Clarity: your words must be well understood by the audience. A speech in Shakespearean language will not be effective with the less educated employees in your organization. You must use simple terms and stick to the subject. Use a logical approach and common examples to explain your point. Your words must be well related to the other person’s understanding.

  • Listen to yourself: Make a recording of yourself making a presentation. Listen to it carefully.

What are the effects of poor communication?

Many organizations suffer huge losses due to ineffective communication. Improving communication skills alone is not enough to ensure success in an organisation. Partial sharing of information, not sharing information, wrong interpretation of someone’s words, lying, all may lead to problems. To avoid this, the people in the organisation must be taught effective communication.


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One Response to How to Improve Your Communication Skills

  1. Now that I’m responsible for managing others, I always make sure to do what you’ve said here. It’s great advice.
    True story: when I was first starting out, I had a boss who thought he was the best communicator in the world. He’d be totally gung-ho, going on and on about everything to do with the project… except the project itself. Like, what we were supposed to be actually DOING.
    These days, I alwasy take a deep breath, step back, and explain (without sounding like I think they’re idiots) exactly who’s doing what and what my expectations are. My feedback from employees is consistently high in communication, I suspect thanks to that.
    Thanks for these important reminders!

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